Uncommon Auto Insurance Discounts Lead to Cheap Car Insurance

Most Americans don’t look forward to writing out their car insurance check, but what if you could save significantly? You really can get cheap car insurance through discounts. Most of us know about common discounts, but there are several we never hear of. You might be pleasantly surprised by some of these cheap car insurance discounts [https://www.texasquotes.com/cheap-car-insurance/] or at the very least, you’ll find them amusing.

Farmers Save

Almost 40 percent of insurance companies offer a 10 percent discount to farmers that primarily drive their car or truck around their farm and not for pleasure or business. Staying on the farm does have its rewards.

50 and Over

If you’ve just turned 50 in Texas or anywhere else, it’s to your advantage to pick up the phone to call your agent to see if you can get a cheap car insurance discount. After all you’re now a more experienced driver and less likely to get into an accident. Typical savings average 2-10 percent.


You’re in luck if you’ve switched over to one of the newer hybrid vehicles. Some carriers offer small discounts, which means cheap car insurance.

Car Loans

Of course, most of us don’t or can’t pay cash for a new car, but if you’re close to paying it off, you might get an added bonus. When you get an auto loan, loan companies frequently require additional types of coverage like GAP insurance. Consider paying off your loan just a bit early if possible, which may lower your premium.

Roadside Assistance

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing roadside assistance because most of your driving is in the rural areas of Texas or far from city services, now might be a good time. A number of insurance companies offer as much as 10 percent off if you have a roadside assistance service. Not a bad deal to get cheap car insurance!

Federal Employees

If you’ve finally gotten that federal job you’ve always want, you could be in for a nice little discount, which means cheap car insurance! Some retired or regular employees may qualify for discounted insurance premiums. In addition, membership in some federal organizations could also qualify for discounts.

Paperless Billing

Why not cut down the amount of junk in your mailbox and go with paperless billing? All the companies are offering small discounts these days and any savings adds up to cheap car insurance.

Transfer Discount

You could be missing great savings if you haven’t been shopping for new price quotes online every couple of years. The good news is that many companies offer a discount rate when you agree to transfer your insurance needs to them.

Farm Bureau

Here is another chance for farmers to get cheap car insurance. If you’re a member of a Farm Bureau, you could be entitled to a bit of discount if your dues are paid up!

Military Service

There’s good news if you’ve just joined the military, the National Guard, are stationed off the coast of Texas or recently retired. Many service personnel enjoy a nice auto insurance discount.

Online Shopping Bonus

Surprisingly, some auto insurance companies give you a discount just for signing up and getting your online quote from their company.

Renewing in Advance

The next time your insurance bill comes due, get that check in about seven to 10 days early, and you may save an average of 8 percent.

College Degree

Cheap car insurance could be just around the corner if you’ve finally obtained your college degree. Most customers save an average of 4 percent.

The best way to get cheap car insurance discounts is to call your insurance agent today and ask.